12 Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Teachers are the real heroes for students. They put all their efforts into helping students build their character, career, and life simultaneously. If your teacher is doing so much for you, you strongly want to appreciate your teacher with cute little gifts. 

When it comes to choosing appreciation gifts for teachers, students often find themselves in trouble. Some of you may lack the gift ideas. Many of you may fail to find an affordable gift that will never dig a hole in your pocket. 

Whatever your concerns are regarding the appreciation gifts, we are here to rescue you. We have mentioned the 12 cheap teacher appreciation gifts from Callie’s collection. Let’s head towards the list of 12 cheap teacher appreciation gifts!

1. Organize the precious things

Do you know the most precious asset for a teacher? It’s his pen. Teachers have tons of pens to write with. So why not help your teacher organize these pens? Gift him Callie’s custom book with an apple design pen holder as it is a must for your teacher’s desk.

This acrylic pen holder adopts a book shape style, matching apple pattern, and engraving name on the front, which can be a perfect gift for teachers. This pencil holder is available in blue, green, orange, and grey colors. The translucent design is applied to display and organize your accessories, making your stationery orderly and neat.

2. Present your heartiest gratitude

Your teacher taught you how to hold a pencil and write. So why not gift him Callie’s teacher pencil keychain with a glitter snow globe? This gift will match the teacher’s personality and pay your gratitude to him for teaching you how to write.  

This custom keychain adopts the shape of a pencil in appearance design and adds very delicate sequins. A variety of colors of sequins are available to choose from. And the surprising thing? You can also customize any copy on the pencil, making the product unique and meaningful.

3. Let your teacher remember you

A teacher teaches hundreds of students in his life. However, if you give your teacher Callie’s personalized colored pencil lanyard, your teacher will remember you whenever he wears it.

It’s one of the perfect cheap teacher appreciation gifts as the pencil design represents the teacher’s profession. This lanyard incorporates letter silicone beads and pencil custom pendants, which can personalize your name. 

You can send this perfect gift to your favorite teacher or relatives in the teaching profession. Not easy to lose, can easily hang school ID and classroom keys.

4. Let your teacher make a style statement

A teacher has a lot of things to carry, i.e., keys, id cards, and many more. But wait, you can help your teacher carries these things and still looks stylish. Gift him Callie’s personalized Wooden apple lanyard and keychain and help him make a style statement.

Features wooden apples in two styles, flat and three-dimensional, making this lanyard beautiful and versatile. Matching with colored beads and names, this lanyard key chain is made of wood, durable and reusable material for you to use for a long time.

5. Be accurate and precise

Teachers always teach you to be accurate and precise in your measurements. It reflects the significance of a ruler or scale in the academic career. So why not gift your teacher Callie’s personalized rainbow name ruler? It is one of the best cheap teacher appreciation gifts as it is something that your teacher needs regularly.

The rule is made of medium-density fiberboard, and you may personalize this piece by adding your teacher’s name. Names are attached to the ruler with 3D adhesive tape and vibrant colors, including yellow, pink, silver, and black.

6. Write a heart-touching note

The card always serves to be an amazing gift as it helps you write the words you feel for the gift receiver. Cards depict your feelings in the form of words. And these words are likely to touch your teacher’s heart. So Callie’s custom engraved greeting card is a beautiful appreciation gift for your teacher. 

The cute envelope has a gold rim, creating a festival and luxury look for your cards. This heart shape is printed, and the cover is glass. The cards above and below the red hearts can be customized to the words you most want to give to your teacher.

7. Convenience is crucial

Your teacher comes to school to teach you. She spends his day in the school and therefore, she has a lot of things to carry with her, i.e., wallet, lunchbox, glasses, keys, etc. So why not you give her Callie’s Personalized burlap tote bag to put her at ease?

This bag has a large open pocket compartment for convenient and quick access to food, wallet, phone, sunglasses, or other items inside. You can customize the name and choose the font color you like. Burlap Totes are high-quality burlap, feel comfortable and durable, and have high-definition printing. 

8. Be meaningful while appreciating your teacher

Teachers often read books to share knowledge with you. So give your teacher Callie’s personalized engraved bookmark with tassels? Your teacher will use this handy gift in her daily life, bringing back good memories.

This unique bookmark is made of aluminum with tassels. There are13 colors of tassels to choose from. Customize a meaningful bookmark for the teacher. The teacher’s name or any things you want to say to the teacher can be engraved on the bookmark.

9. Sprinkle a bit of sparkle

Your teacher might get bored sometimes writing with the usual pens. You can add sparkle to his writings by giving him Callie’s personalized name glitter multicolor pen. It is one of the charming cheap teacher appreciation gifts.

Get the name of your teacher printed on the pen. This personalized name customization can refresh your teacher’s pen and add vitality to his stationery. So come and customize your pen! And the Ink color is black, which can meet your daily use.

10. Be smart and stylish

Watch is a must for a teacher. He wears it to be punctual in every class. So why not gift your teacher a custom slim leather band for an apple watch? This band will be the perfect appreciation gift for your teacher as he will use it in his daily routine.

This personalized slim leather band for the apple watch is exquisite in appearance and very durable. We use high-quality leather and use mature craftsmanship. The strap is available in eight colors, which can be matched with three different color adapters. And the best part? You can engrave any copy you like on the strap according to your needs.

11. Capture the memories in three dimensions

Do you want to step out from traditional 2D customization? Here you go with Callie’s 3D printed name pen. It’s an innovative yet unique appreciation gift for your teacher. Your teacher will have many pens, but this one will be different due to its 3D customized name feature.

Callie provides a total of 14 colors for you to choose from. The refill also has 3 common colors, red, blue, and black. Use durable pen refill to prevent scratches on paper, smooth writing, and the most

powerful assistant for writing inspiration. The overall design is simple, cute, classic, and elegant, showing the master’s good aesthetics.

12. Have fun in dry tasks

Your teacher has to do a lot of tedious and dry tasks daily, i.e., transferring files, charging his accessories, etc. You can make these tasks exciting, vibrant, and adorable for him with Callie’s 3D printing name USB cable.

This USB cable by Callie is designed to avoid loss. It can be shaped by a custom name or word shown in a bright color of your choice. With easy-carry size, ideal capacity, and cute font design, this cable is 1.5 meters long.


We have mentioned here only 12 unique cheap teacher appreciation gifts. There are many more options available at Callie that are cheap and easily affordable to students. So what are you waiting for? Please find the best appreciation gift for your teacher at Callie and present it to your teacher. He will love receiving it from you.

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