Top Picks: 16 Initial Necklaces for Mothers Day

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The ever-growing trend of personalized jewelry has now reached its peak. Especially for Mother’s day, people seek the best ones available in the market. Hence, to cut the chase short, we have shortlisted 16 Initial Necklaces For Mothers Day to help you out. Hope you find the best one! 

16 Mothers Day necklace with initials

Simply elegant

Yes, we know mothers are a bit selective when wearing accessories. They need something that’s not too stylish yet looks decent when pulled off. If your mother does the same, Sideways Initial Necklace will be a suitable pick for her. 

This beautiful necklace comes in a simple design where the chain holds the name initials. It is available in 3 colors and is made of sterling silver, which means you do not have to worry about the rust or wearing off. 

One with a family tree

The concept of a family tree is as old as we can remember. And when we take a closer look at it, we find mothers playing the role of its roots. So, why not give them something related to that? 

Our Family Tree of Life Necklace will be brilliant for your mother. You can customize it with your mother’s name’s initials and two birthstones. The excellent quality and beautiful construction will make it extra special for your mother. 

All about initials

Necklaces with names or initials are high on-trend, so why not give your mother a Large Sideways Initial Necklace this mother’s day? You can either get it customized in 1 letter or 2 to 3 letters – as per preference. Each initial can be engraved with full names, which is brilliant. It is available in 3 different colors, letting you decide the chain size as per your mother’s preference. 

Evil eyes off

The world may not be such a convenient place to live in if we don’t have mothers – the biggest support system. So to keep them happy and healthy, you need to keep the evil eyes off her. And to do this, Evil Eye Zircon Necklace can play the role of a lucky charm. 

This beautiful necklace comes in the shape of evil eye protection and an Initial. You can select the initial in the font style of your preference along with the color of your choice. Amazing, no? 

Necklace with an initial

While we have many picks in this list that have other designs along with initials, Natural Opal Initial Necklace focuses on a single initial. While some will think of it as something basic, Mothers will love it for its simple and cute looks. 

It offers multiple color options and you can choose the initials from A to Z without any issue. The length of the chain can also be customized as per the need, making it a must-have this year. So, are you going to buy it? 

Handmade milky way

Mothers are way too far from a materialistic approach. They would love something made for them with love and care instead of something with a high cost. So, if you are looking for something with a personalized touch, the Milky Way Pendant Necklace will be all you need. 

This pendant is available in many color options. The milky way design and presence of an initial give it a unique mother’s day feel. We are confident that your mother’s going to love it. 

One with a unique design

Mother’s Day has always been an important day for us as it’s the only day we make efforts to make our mother feel special. So, if you search for a necklace with a unique yet beautiful design, Mom Necklace with Kid’s Initials will be it. 

This necklace is unlike others because of the design it possesses. The beautiful leaves and birthstones give it an elegant vibe, making it an apple of your mother’s eye. You can get it customized for up to 12 birthstones which are mind-blowing. Don’t think. Grab it today. 

A charmed one

Another beautiful pick for necklaces is Date Disc Necklace. The design of this necklace consists of a charmed initial along with a disc which you can get engraved with any date that is special for your mother. Be it her birthday, anniversary, or anything. 

You can select up to 5 pendants for this necklace. Each pendant can be customized with an initial and date close to your mother’s heart. The necklace is available in many different colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your mother the most. 

A necklace with a disc

Disc necklaces are also in trend. Why? Because they look beautiful and offer a decent look. And when we talk about disc necklaces, the Personalised Disc Initial Necklace tops the list. 

This beautiful piece of jewelry comes with the option of adding up to 5 charms in 1 chain. Each charm can be customized with an initial. You can choose between multiple color options and sizes to ensure everything is perfect according to your mother’s needs. 

Stand by me

Do you have any other message for your mother than asking her to stand by you? No? Well, then this pick of ours will do the justice to your sentiments for your mother. Stand by Me Necklace is a beautiful disc necklace that is designed with two trees standing by each other. 

These trees represent the bond you have with your mother. It is available in two materials and three colors, making it unique from the rest. Choose the length of the chain, get it customized with Initials, and boom – you’re ready to surprise your mother. 

It’s all about initials

Another excellent pick for mothers who love minimal yet sophisticated necklaces is the Initials Name Necklace. It has an entirely customizable self, letting you design a necklace as per your mother’s preference. 

You can engrave up to 13 initials on each chain and choose between three color options. Also, the chain length is customizable too. Select the length of your choice, confirm the color and number of initials, and yay – you’re ready to place an order. 

Ampersand or heart

This pick is unlike the other ones on the list. Yes, you heard it right. Necklace with Ampersand or Heart is a necklace with two initials separated by an ampersand or a heart. It means you can select between both of these and we will deliver it with the one of preference. 

The 3 color options make it convenient for you to decide which one will suit your mother the most. And last but not least, you can select the length of the chain as your mother’s preference. 

Cuteness overloaded

Since every mother is cute in her way, we find it necessary to include a cute pick like Letter Name Necklace. This necklace is literally overloaded with cuteness. The chain has room for almost 10 initials. So, either you can get it customized with your mother’s name or any word of love and affection. 

Each initial of the chain is separated by a small heart which makes the necklace look prettier. If you need something adorable for your mother, this one is it. Grab it before it goes out of stock. 

Like mother’s love 

Can you measure the amount of love your mother has in her heart for you? No, right? Mothers’ love is something multiplied by infinity and to express this, why not give her an Infinity Necklace with Letters

This beautiful neckpiece comes with a symbol of infinity along with two initials. You can choose between the color options and chain length to ensure you get what you desire. 

One with a celebrity touch

Want a necklace that has a unique charm to it? Have you checked our Celebrity Monogram Necklace? This fantastic necklace is something out of the box. 

The monogram design consists of three initials. You can select ones of your choice to create a celebrity monogram. Other than that, you can buy it in the color of your choice and the chain of your preferred length. So, why wait? Order now. 

A dancing girl

Last one? Yes, but we guarantee that it will not be the last one. Dance Girl Gemstone Necklace is the best seller on this list. It comes with an immensely beautiful design of a dancing girl. The colors of the chain, pendant, and gemstones can be selected according to your preference. Also, it has space for an initial to give a personalized touch. 


Can’t think of a suitable option for this year’s mother’s day? Don’t worry. We have got your back. At Callie, we deliver assured quality items to enhance customers’ trust and experience. 

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