When is Mother’s Day and What Would be the Best Gift for Her 2024?

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Mother’s Day is that special day we get to celebrate moms, mothers, and mother figures all over the world. Each particular country celebrates Mother’s Day differently, and it can be about 10 days or more, as each nation has its own specific Mother’s Day.

In this post, we will clarify the different Mother’s Days and which one you should focus on as a citizen of a particular country. We’ll take you through all the dates and even give you gift and card ideas to make the coming Mother’s Day special for the mothers in your life. Let’s dive in!

Mother’s Day in the USA

For 2024, Mother’s Day in the USA is on the 12th of March, 2024. This date is supported as the accepted Mother’s Day by over 40 other countries, including the Philippines, Brazil, Iceland, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and many more. 

International Mother’s Day

There are a large number of date differences on Mother’s Day all over the world. Here’s a comprehensive table showcasing Mother’s Day dates in different countries along with the primary ways of celebration.

CountryDateCelebrations and Traditions
United StatesSecond Sunday in MayGifts, cards, family gatherings, brunches, and flowers.
Canada, Australia,New Zealand, South Africa,Nigeria, India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Philippines,Taiwan, China,Kenya, Ghana, ZimbabweSecond Sunday in MayCards, flowers, family outings, and special meals.
United Kingdom, IrelandFourth Sunday in LentCards, flowers, special meals, and pampering mothers.
Mexico, GuatemalaMay 10thSerenades, flowers, gifts, music, and family gatherings.
Japan, South KoreaSecond Sunday in MayCarnations, gifts, cards, and expressing gratitude.
France, ItalyLast Sunday in MayFlowers, gifts, family meals, and pampering mothers.
SpainFirst Sunday in MayFlowers, gifts, cards, and family celebrations.
Germany, Austria,Switzerland, BelgiumSecond Sunday in MayFlowers, gifts, breakfast in bed, and family time.
SwedenLast Sunday in MayFlowers, gifts, family meals, and pampering mothers.
NorwaySecond Sunday in FebruaryFlowers, gifts, family gatherings, and special meals.
RussiaLast Sunday in NovemberFlowers, gifts, cards, and expressing love and gratitude.
Egypt, United Arab Emirates,Saudi ArabiaMarch 21stFlowers, gifts, family outings, and special meals.
MoroccoMay 21stFlowers, gifts, family celebrations, and honoring mothers.

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Ideas For Mother’s Day Gifts

Gift ideas for mothers may seem like a tough decision to make, but we are here to give you relevant ideas in this section. Keeping in mind that mothers are sweet human beings and deserve the best, we concluded that the gift ideas below are perfect for all kinds and ages of mothers.

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelries are long-lasting gift items that last for a very long time, and gifting your mom means she’ll remember your kind gesture on Mother’s Day for a very long time. Jewelry can include a customized necklace with initials, a bracket, earrings, bracelets, or neck chains. 

Hobby Gifts

You can get that special mother in your life a hobby gift. If she’s a baker, get her baking tools. If she loves makeup, get her a customized makeup bag. If she’s an outdoor person, get her gifts that will be useful when she’s enjoying herself outside. This kind of gift shows that you want her to enjoy herself and be happy too.

Spa Day Experience

Treat your mom to a luxurious spa day experience where she can relax, rejuvenate, and be pampered. Book a day at a reputable spa, complete with massages, facials, and other treatments tailored to her preferences. It’s a perfect gift to show your appreciation for all her hard work and give her a well-deserved break.


Mother’s Day is a special day all over the world, no matter the date differences. We can choose to celebrate one as our country’s Mother’s Day. We should also know that Mother’s Day is not the only day we can show our gratitude, appreciation, and love to our mothers; we can do so every day with calls, texts, and even sending them gifts occasionally. No matter the time of the year or the specific date, Callie Store is ready to send your mother’s gifts anytime, any day.

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