15 Awesome Personalized Gold Necklaces for Mom – They are too Beautiful to Miss Out on!

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The trendiest jewelry is personalized pieces of jewelry. And when they are customizable gold necklaces, it goes up a notch, especially for mothers. The gold necklace can be a life-saver when trying to get ready early in the morning with a time crunch.

So, sit back and go through these timeless Mother’s Day gold necklaces and give them to your loving mom.

Gold initial necklace

Nobody gets tired of wearing initial necklaces. They give a layer of confidence to an attractive woman. Our Gold Initial Necklace is a luxury piece encrusted with white gems.

The pendant is a cubic plate with the initial embossed and encrusted with shiny gems. The chain enhances the luxury, thus giving this whole necklace a very expensive vibe. It’s such grandeur that this necklace will soon become her favorite.

Gothic bat name necklace

Name necklaces showcase confidence and serve as a statement piece. Therefore, giving your mother a name necklace is a good idea for Mother’s Day. But we’ve added a fun gothic element to a simple name necklace-our Gothic Bat Name Necklace.

The name of your mother is the pendant of the necklace. The name’s font is customizable. In each font, the cutting of the name is rounded, so there are no harsh edges.The fun accessory will elevate her look when she doesn’t have much time to get ready.

Cuban chain name necklace

Sometimes when you don’t feel like wearing a fancy look or want to enhance the overall vibe, a classic Cuban chain can do wonders for women. The Cuban chain has a prestigious reputation in the jewelry world, and we love it.

So, our Cuban Chain Name Necklace makes the perfect statement piece for your mother. The Cuban gold chain is wonderfully crafted. The pendant of this necklace is your mother’s name which is sandblasted to enhance the glow and shine of the name. 

Pineapple opal necklace

This necklace is an exotic piece with opal stone giving it a fresh, breezy feel. The Pineapple Opal Necklace has a three-dimensional pineapple as the pedant. The body of the fruit holds the opal, which you can select from three colors. Along with this, an initial charm is added for a personalized feel. This dainty piece is cute and will bring a smile to your mother’s face.

Custom horse name necklace

Does your mom love riding a horse? Or is she a professional horse rider? If you nodded your head in agreement, this necklace is designed for your adventurous mother. The Custom Horse Name Necklace is a statement piece that she needs as a Mother’s Day gold necklace.

The focal of this necklace is the pendant. The pendant is the name of your lovely mother with horse elements. Each alphabet of the name has a horse element making it a very unique present for women who love horses.

Horseshoe name necklace

If you think the above one doesn’t make the cut for your horse-loving mother, we have any design waiting for her. The Horseshoe Name Necklace is a charm that is considered lucky for the receiver. The horseshoe sign is in a U shape, just like the real one. Even the six hollow ovals are added to make it look as accurate as possible.

The center of the horseshoe is a customization option. You can get your mom’s name engraved on it. The font will be simple and clear, thus making the gold necklace pop. She can wear this as an accessory for any meeting to give her some best of luck.

Ring holder birthstone necklace

Does your mother have a ring that she keeps safe all the time? We have designed a necklace for that. Our Ring Holder Birthstone Necklace is a two-piece necklace. The main pendant is a bar that is embellished with birthstones and has the word MOM added. You can select the birthstones that coordinate with the family member. The other piece is a ring holder, which, when added to the chain, can let any ring sit on it safely without looking cluttered. 

This comes in handy when your mother is doing chores like washing dishes or laundry.

Disc basketball necklace

To commemorate your mother’s evergreen love of basketball, we have Disc Basketball Necklace in gold. This timeless piece is a must-have for her jewelry collection if she resonates with basketball for any possible reason.

The pendant is a disc. The front of the disc is in a basketball pattern with her favorite player’s number. And you can also add her birthstone, which gives it a shimmery, shiny look.

Lastly, the back of the disc has the feature of adding custom content like a simple I love you.

Football name necklace

Like the basketball necklace above, we didn’t forget football enthusiastic mothers. So, for your mother, who is a true football fan, we have Football Name Necklace in gold.

The delicate chain has the football as the pendant and is made entirely of sterling silver. Our artisans have made sure that the pendant is real-life football in a compact size. You can have the number of her favorite player and her name on the football. The name is engraved on the back of the football.

Double plate name necklace

Name necklaces are always in fashion and never get old. Everybody loves this classic jewelry design. Therefore, we have added a bit of sparkle and spice to make it extra special.

The Double Plate Name Necklace is a shiny necklace with a nameplate. The silver accents and decoration enhance the name on the pendant. Double craving is done to give it a three-dimensional look.

The decoration and the first letter of the name are silver, making it even more attractive. You can select the font style, chain length, and material for the necklace as per your mother’s preference.

Double plate crown necklace

Another type of double plate necklace we offer is a Double Plate Crown Necklace. The name is double plated in silver with utmost elegance. But it has an added crown on top of the name, making it extra special for your real-life queen, your mother.

This high-class necklace is a celebrity’s favorite design and makes any look better. If your mother likes dressing up once in a while, this is for her.

Build home pearl necklace

A mother is a foundation and crucial part of any home. If she is not there, a house can not function properly. We’ve got Build Home Pearl Necklace to capture this essence while making mothers feel appreciated.

This impeccable and flawless design is too good to miss out. The pendant of the necklace is square. The shape is made by stacking tiny bars like an asterisk. The tiny bars represent the building block of a house that your mother has put together with tons of effort and hard work. On each bar, you can add the names of each family member. The center of the square is a precious white pearl that represents your mother.

Infinity name necklace

Infinity means that there’s no end. And a love of a mother for her child is never-ending. Therefore, our Infinity Name Necklace is here. The infinity signs the pendant of the necklace. But it’s not an ordinary infinity sign. The names of kids or family members are engraved on the bars with no sharp edges.

This resonates with the family’s eternal love, making it a lovely necklace for your mother.

Triple disc name necklace

The number three has a lot of significance and means unity and perfection. And this perfection mixed with a disc pendant is a beauty to wear. There’s something about disc necklaces that make it stackable or elegant to be worn on their own.

The Triple Disc Name Necklace is an elegant number with no extra embellishments and glitz. This dainty trinket has three discs as pendants. These gold discs paired with a rolo chain give it a very modern look. On each disc, a name can be engraved. The names can be of any person who is close to your mother, like your father, your siblings, grandma, friend, etc.

She can flaunt this on her beautiful neck with any outfit that she’s like.

Bow arrow name necklace

Bow and arrow are a way of expressing true love. And for Mother’s Day, you can express your deep love for your mother with this amazing gold necklace. The Bow Arrow Name Necklace has the bow as the pendant. The arrow in the bow has the feature of adding the birthstone, while the bow’s body has the option to engrave custom content.

There is also an option for adding a birthstone or a name to the stick of the arrow, which is on the side of the chain. You can add your fat5her and mother’s birthstones to this necklace to give it a romantic feel.

Final thoughts

If you’d like to see more variety of gold necklaces, you can check out our selection of necklaces for mothers or visit our store Callie to get other personalized gifts for her.

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